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Press Release:

Terra Technologies To Assist With Warrensburg Lions Lake Project

January 25, 2010

Terra Technologies is retained by the City of Warrensburg Parks and Recreation Department to provide engineering and consulting services for the Lions Lake Dredging Project.

Scientists with the firm completed a study on Lions Lake in 2007 to assess the feasibility of controlling water lilies by dredging the lake to remove excess sediments that were filling in the upper arms of the lake. Through completion of the feasibility study and an environmental review of the lake, it was determined that the main body of Lions Lake should be dredged and lowered an elevation of approximately three feet. The upper arms of the lake will be converted to wetland forebays to control sediments, increase vegetative diversity and wildlife habitat, and enhance the environmental education value of the lake.

Since submittal of the feasibility study Terra Technologies has assisted the City of Warrensburg by developing a dredge plan, reviewing project costs, giving public presentations about the dredging plan, and completing environmental due diligence prior to initiating project construction. Terra Technologies is currently assisting the City by reviewing park master plan documents for assurance of public safety and engineered lake functions, inspecting the lake’s existing primary control pipe to ensure structural dam integrity and primary spillway function, performing hydrogeologic analysis of the spoils site, and obtaining the necessary environmental clearances from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and US Army Corps of Engineers prior to implementing the dredging plan. Dredging activity and forebay construction is scheduled to begin in the Summer of 2011.







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