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Press Release:

Terra Technologies and Swallow Tail LLC Announce Proposed Operation of the Camp Branch Wetland in Cass County, Missouri

March 29th, 2010

Terra Technologies, in conjunction with Swallow Tail LLC, announces a Public Notice issued by the Kansas City District of the US Army Corps of Engineers for the proposed operation of the Camp Branch Wetland and Stream Mitigation Bank in Cass County Missouri.

The 87-acre restoration project was constructed by Swallow Tail in 2009 to provide high quality wetland and stream mitigation credits for sale within the Central Plains Osage / South Grand Ecological Drainage Unit. More than 30,000 containerized plantings of prairie grasses, wildflowers, wetland plants, trees and shrubs were planted on the parcel in 2009. Scientists with Terra Technologies are monitoring ecological enhancements at the site.


The project will create and enhance nearly 75 acres of riparian corridor and over 11 acres of wetlands. Additional upland buffer enhancements will filter agricultural runoff from adjacent parcels before they reach the site.


Two perennial streams, Camp Branch and Clear Creek—tributaries of the South Grand River—form confluence within the southern portion of the site. North of the streams is a large floodplain with multiple historic wetlands that have been converted to agricultural production, which makes it an ideal site for aquatic restoration. The aquatic improvements will enhance the chemical, physical, and biological properties of the watershed by filtering pollutants, improving stream stability, and increasing aquatic and terrestrial habitat.







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